Welcome.  I look forward to the opportunity of participating in your care...

What to expect

All initial appointments are 90min in length and are treated as a consultation. Please arrive at least 15min early to your initial appointment to allow time to complete forms. Follow-up appointments can be scheduled for 30-50min.

In order to save time when you arrive, please download, print and complete these forms prior to your visit:

1. Patient Demographic Form
2. Private Health Information Release Form
3. Privacy Practices and Treatment Consent Form
4. Credit Card Authorization Form

Prescriptions: It is preferable for refills to be requested during office visits. If a prescription is needed between appointments, please leave a voice mail with your name, DOB, phone number, medication, pharmacy name/number. Please allow up to 2 business days for all refill requests.

Insurance: In order to maintain her focus strictly on patient care without excessive paperwork and administrative details, Dr. Ford does not accept insurance and is considered an out-of network provider.  For convenience you may request paperwork that can be submitted on your own behalf to your insurance company. 

Payment: Due in full by cash or check at the end of each session. Credit cards may also be used for a nominal fee. All fees will be discussed with Dr. Ford by phone prior to booking your initial appointment.

Cancellations: All appointments require at least 24hr notice of cancellation to avoid a charge for the full amount. Appointments for Monday should be cancelled by Friday afternoon.


It is of the utmost importance that all information about you be kept confidential and this office adheres strictly to all HIPPA standards.


Dr. Ford does not provide forensic evaluations.  While rare cases do come up (divorce, custody), it is best to seek outside consultation for these services.  


In the event of an emergency (a situation that requires immediate attention due to concern for harm to self or others) call 911 or proceed to your nearest emergency room.


1. What types of diagnoses do you treat?
I work with people who present a wide spectrum of challenges and diagnoses. The majority of my patients are troubled by issues of anxiety and depression due to life experiences (often traumatic), hormonal flux, poorly balanced lifestyles and medical illness. I also work with women struggling with issues related to infertility, menopause, pregnancy and the postpartum period, including those needing recommendations about the use of pharmacological interventions during pregnancy and breast-feeding.

2. Do you treat children or adolescents?
No. My practice is limited to adults only, however I maintain a wide referral base and can gladly assist you in finding an appropriate mental health practitioner.

3. Do you treat men? 
Yes. I am well trained in the care of both male and female patients.

4. Does therapy always take years?
No. In fact, depending on the condition we are treating, a shorter-term treatment may be more appropriate. That said, experience has taught me that many of our emotional issues develop over long periods of time and it is in our best interest to respect ourselves and our experiences enough to allow time to effectively create changes in behavior patterns and perspective.

5. Will you work with my other providers?
Yes. I believe in truly collaborative care, and will work with you to coordinate appropriate communication between providers so that we can best care for you as a unified team. Your private health information will always be kept confidential.

6. Can I get reimbursed by my insurance?
This will be determined by your individual insurance carrier. I do not contract with any insurance companies and would be considered an out-of-network provider. I always recommend that patients discuss coverage with their insurance company first to be clear on their policies. If desired, a statement can be provided that you can submit to your insurance on your own behalf.

7. Do I need a referral from my Primary Care Physician to see you?
No. Patients can book with me directly without a referral or prescription for services from another provider.